House Mouse Stamps

hummingbird express
morning kickstart


Pure Bliss

Sleeping with Strawberries

Nose to Nose

Monica Romances

Love in a teacup

lipsmackin relaxin

Hang in there

helping hand

glitter hearts

Monica's gift

giddy up friend

frog floating

chewable asprin

mice under mistletoe

flower bed

birthday cupcake

Feeder Friends

Christmas Singing Duo

Hang in there

piece corps
sitting on a branch
lemon lips

butterfly express

Sweet Kiss
Jumping for Joy (many per quarter)

Maxwells pet (2 per quarter easy)

Maxwell Munches (2 per quarter easy)

Sentiments can be aded to the images or as a separate sheet
Floating on a Leaf
Autumn Cruise
Holiday Smooch

Eek Eek Eek
Dino Treats

Chalky Consequences
Ace of Hearts
Christmas Cookie Eaters

Christmas Tale

Patriotic Wrap
feeling rosey

the graduate

Stampabilities brand: Feeder Friends, Birthday Cake, Patriotic Wrap, Morning Kick Start, Helping Hand, (the bear is from the "gruffies line" Bear-ied in paperwork is his name, and Fish Bowl. Each of these is one per Quarter size.
Stampa Rosa: Silent Mice ~one per quarter
Stampa Rosa: Angel Delights ~one per quarter.
Stampa Rosa: Fantastic, Mellow Mellon, Hang in There, Hot Cocoa,
Pure Bliss, Wreath Love, Sleeping with Strawberries.
Note: each of these is one per quarter size Except fantastic, this stamps on 1/2 sheets and is 4 images per snag.
Stampa Rosa: Love in a teacup, Frog Floating, Mouse under mistletoe, Chewable aspirin, Nose to Nose in flowers, Glitter Hearts, Giddy Up (friend), Monica Romances, together under the moon.
Note: Monica romances and giddy up friend can go two images per 1/3 sheet.
Sentiments can be added to some images or stamped on separate sheets.

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