Lakeside cove Large Ripples, Crane in H20, Shimmering
Prickly Branches

Lilly grass Large Meadow

                                                                               migrating birds large,

lakeside cabin

                                                                Pines & rocks, fir tree

                                Pine Row ,                                                      Oak tree medium

                                                 Cloud Cumulus, Cloud with Moon
                                                                   Cloud Bar

                                                                       Autumn Brook


Unknown Unmarked MFG's

This really looks like Impression Obsession to me but, i bought this on ebay and its possible the original owner self-mounted it. (it had a paper index with packing tape applied to the woodblock when i bought it)
Cynthia Hart (designed this) but no idea on the mfg...
shaped shoe, no markings on the wood mount

Purchased at Stampstruck a few years ago, no marking on the wood block.
Cat Face
was an unmounted piece of rubber gift from an ebay seller... (self mounted)


Gina K Designs

Thanks a Million!
Funny Farm
Lovely Labels 2
Labeled with Love

take flight
botanical dreams
hand in hand
Make a Wish (partial set)